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In many industries working site and manufacturing location can be dangerous and worker safety is paramount. Severe onsite injury and fatalities can pose a major threat to workers. It’s a risk we can, and ought to, eliminate. There is both a business case and moral case to do so. Fortunately, new technologies exist to help mitigate risk and keep workers safe.

By building a culture of safety and implementing advanced technologies, organizations have made significant progress in improving worker safety. This presentation will show how, using technological advancements, organizations can make their culture of safety more robust and inclusive by adapting and applying their approach to worker safety.

You will learn how to apply the same approach to your organizations to reduce employee injury and fatalities and to improve worker safety and security onsite.

Watch recorded webinar:

About Anne-Sophie Tétreault


With Cognibox since 2016, Anne-Sophie is a chemical engineer and has close to 30 years’ experience in the industry, 20 of which is working with integrated management systems. Anne-Sophie started her career as a project engineer for Molson-Coors Breweries and then moved to QMi, a division of the Canadian Standard Association. She developed and maintained an integrated Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) management system for VIA Rail, where she digitized workflows to automate management system process. She subsequently improved HSSEQ management systems at Bombardier Transportation, Air Liquide Canada, and Voith Hydro.

About Jean-François Gélinas


A member of the IT team for a number of years, Jean-François enjoys an in-depth understanding of the functional needs of clients who rely on Cognibox to manage contractor risk and compliance. Developer, business analyst and project manager, Jean-François plays a key role in the ongoing development of the Cognibox suite. He ensures that Cognibox remains one of the most flexible, comprehensive solutions on the market. Senior manager responsible for product development within IT ranks, Jean-François is passionate about user experience and takes all action as required to ensure that suite operations remain efficient and user-friendly. Boasting more than 10 years of IT experience, Jean-François is skilled at quickly identifying issues and proposing tangible, innovative solutions.