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Our products and services connect businesses by facilitating the relationship between contractors and client corporations. We help organizations worldwide—like Finkl Steel, Rio Tinto, and Alcoa—focus on their core business by providing greater control over their daily operations.

 Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect businesses by providing multi-disciplinary and flexible solutions that reduce risk and optimize qualification, compliance, and operational processes.


We are committed to developing innovative technological solutions that support businesses in their drive towards a safer and more efficient work environment.

Our Values



Transparency embodies honesty and open communication. We are willing to share information even when it is uncomfortable. We will be upfront and visible in the actions that we take. We build and show trust by being forthright. We are an open book with an open mind and an open heart whether it is with consumers, employees, family or friends.


Excellence is the pursuit of the highest quality. We strive for greatness in all that we do; Professional. Personal. Individual. To succeed, we will focus on the growth and development of each person. It is about being our best selves and enjoying the journey to its fullest.


Founded in 2005, Alcumus Cognibox is a global provider of training, compliance and risk management technology and services that is retained by world-class organizations who want a flexible and agile partner.

The story of Alcumus Cognibox is one of diversity, local sustainable development, technology, and growth. Initially founded by a Canadian businesswoman, the company quickly grew to become a major employer in Quebec. Committed to sustainable development, its employees are highly competent, diverse and fairly represented across all levels of management. Through sustained growth and innovation, Alcumus Cognibox today supports businesses in over 30 countries across every continent and in multiple industries. Its technology and services help organizations connect with safe, sustainable, and socially responsible suppliers in an ecosystem that adds efficiency to the pre-qualification process, increases business opportunities for local suppliers and gives businesses full visibility of risk across complex supply chains.

July 2022
Acquisition of Cognibox by Alcumus
Part of a successful international growth strategy, the acquisition reflects our ambition to create safer and more sustainable workplaces for our global customer base.   

Cognibox is Alcumus' sixth acquisition worldwide, third in North America and first in Quebec. 
December 2021
Acquisition of Elite SST

By joining forces with Elite SST, Cognibox strengthens its position as the largest provider of technological solutions that support businesses in their drive towards a safer and more efficient work environment.

May 2020
Launch of Pre-forma (formerly CogniSafe)

Launch of new visitor screening technology to help customers reduce the risk of propagation of COVID-19 thus mitigating workplace outbreaks and keeping communities safe.

May 2019
New strategic and financial partners
The announcement of the signing of an agreement with new strategic and financial partners to accelerate SIM-Cognibox growth and development, and take the company into a new phase.
October 2018
Winner of the Quebec Job Creators Award
SIM-Cognibox won the honours in the Champion Job Creation category for the Mauricie region at the 2nd edition of the Quebec Job Creation Awards.
December 2017
Office Expansion
Extension work is underway to add new workspaces: e-learning creation zone, IT lounge, etc. The office space will have doubled to 14,500 square feet!
September 2017
Cognibox Becomes Polyglot
With an international clientele, the Cognibox solution is now available in seven languages.
August 2016
Winner of the Canadian OHS "Readers Choice Award"
We are very proud to receive this award from Canada’s largest occupational health and safety publication, the Canadian Occupational Safety magazine.
June 2016
Creation of the E-Learning Module
More than 2000 people use SIM’s e-learning training each month. Online training exploded, and the E-Learning Module is created to support our clients. SIM Cognibox’s e-learning’s trainings are now use everywhere in Canada.
March 2016
Opening of our First Remote Office in Toronto
With our growing presence in English Canada, an office opens in Toronto to bring us closer to our customers and ensure that they are offered impeccable service.
June 2015
Launching Cognibox 4.0
To support growth, a technological overhaul is needed – introducing Cognibox 4.0, a completely revamped version using the latest technology and programming languages. A revamped interface offers the most intuitive, user-friendly experience.
May 2015
New Office Opening
We double our office space. The new offices reflect the company’s culture: open, sunny spaces, trendy decor, a comfortable dining area and much more.
February 2015
Chantal Trépanier wins CEO of the year Investissement Québec
The award recognizes a business president who has distinguished himself by his leadership and has contributed to the influence of Quebec's IT industry.
January 2015
SIM-Cognibox reaches 100 employees
From about 20 employees during the launch of the software in 2005, we now cross the symbolic bar of 100 employees.
September 2013
Expansion Into the World of Online Training
Cognibox develops their first online training platform to make their client’s training readily available. Shortly after, a team dedicated to the creation of online training courses is established.
October 2010
Cognibox 3.0
With a redesigned architecture, and an updated interface, Cognibox recreates itself as a more attractive solution for contractor management, while also being the #1 player in the mining and metallurgical industry.
February 2010
Creation of the Analysis & Tasks Module
The introduction of the work analysis module extends the scope of risk management to the tasks to be performed by the contractor.
October 2009
Establishment of a Dedicated Customer Service Team
A victim of our own success, the number of contractors continues to increase, along with the need to accompany them through the qualification process. Since customer service has always been our number one priority, we establish Cognibox’s customer service department.
August 2007
Creation of the Qualification Module
Having established the management of employee training, our clients also want to manage company compliance for organizations coming to visit their facilities. We create the Qualification module to ensure that contractors meet the standards required by these client corporations.
March 2006
Cognibox 2.0 Already
Initially created for one specific client, we soon realize that we need to review the Cognibox solution and transform it into a SaaS solution where contractor training information can be shared among all our customers. This is the birth of the Cognibox community.
May 2005
Creation of Cognibox
The beginning of this adventure transforms us from a training and consulting service into what will become a true IT company. Our projects point out a clear need for training management services. To facilitate health and safety management for our customers we create the first version of Cognibox, offering our clients access to their contractors’ training records. Cognibox is born.
Standardization of OHS training
SIM standardized its training to the requirements of all international contractors operating in Québec.
SIM’s Privatization
First focused on business service, SIM is now a world-class provider in Health & Safety training and skills management.
Creation of SIM
Creation of SIM : Service d’Intervention sur Mesure (SIM), by le Collège de Shawinigan : training, consulting, health & safety

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