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To help you reduce risk and improve workplace safety, Cognibox documentation and general resources provide more information about our contractor management and learning management systems and our online training platform.

Cognibox case studies highlight how our contractor management, employee compliance, and training solutions are being used to create safer work environments in different industries around the world.

How CRH Uses Cognibox to Reduce Risk and Improve Communication with Suppliers

How CRH Canada Group Inc. Increased Supplier Engagement and Simplified Communication With Cognibox.
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Successful risk management with the addition of a subcontracting management process.

An energy industry leader chooses the Cognibox Compliance Management solution to improve the performance and effectiveness of its risk management program by integrating an effective outsourcing management process.
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Harmonize supplier compliance following a series of acquisitions

A North American leader in the agrifood industry chose the Cognibox solution to harmonize plant compliance following a series of acquisitions. Discover how the Cognibox outsourcing management solution allowed them to achieve their goals.
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Preventing revenue losses estimated at up to $600,000 per day following an accident

A world leader in the forest products industry chose the Cognibox risk and contractor compliance management solution to harmonize supplier management continent-wide.
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Save more than $150,000 in contractor training costs

A world leader in the production and processing of light metals industry chose the Cognibox solution to provide for enhanced control of partner occupational health and safety.
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One full year of accident‑free performance for contractors

A leading Canadian mining company turned to Cognibox contractor compliance management solutions to assist them with their goal of streamlining contractor management systems to improve overall contractor performance and increase overall efficiency.
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Full automation of contractor management process and facilities access

A world leader in the iron ore industry chose the Cognibox solution to automate its contractor management process and access to facilities, the object being to exercise greater control over costs and worker safety.
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An ROI of $100,000 in 8 months by converting induction training courses into an e-learning format

A company delivered its induction training courses in the traditional manner which was a complex operation. The company was looking for a solution to reduce induction training costs and overcome the departure of the most experienced trainers for retirement, without skimping on its stringent instructional standards.
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The performance evaluation: a complementary element to ensure 360° contractor management

Learn how this mining company used Cognibox to automate its contractor evaluation process and streamline the number of contractors on its site, while at the same time simplifying its operations management.
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Successful implementation of Cognibox

Discover how the Cognibox outsourcing management solution allowed them to facilitate and improve their contractors' qualification experience and take their risk management program to the next level.
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