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About this offer

In this white paper, Cognibox addresses all the issues that should be considered for an effective contractor management or an external contractor management.

Find useful information to better manage your projects:

  • Managing contractors effectively
  • Fundamentals of a contractor management program
  • External contractor compliance management

About Cognibox

Contractor risks and compliance management leader, Cognibox offers one of the most complete and flexible solutions on the market. Cognibox helps the largest corporations manage the risks associated with outsourcing specific to their sector of activity. Cognibox combines expertise, software, training and a complete outsourcing service, including administrative support to manage contractor compliance, diligently, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Emilie Filion

Emilie makes it her duty to align strategies, resources and processes to always deliver quality projects that produce the expected results. With Cognibox for over 10 years, Emilie specializes in large-scale project management as well as market development. Integrity, results-oriented and endowed with a strong work ethic, her expertise now leads her to guide multinational companies in the evolution of their business practices to reduce their number of accidents and achieve the highest standards in health and safety. Curious and known for her insatiable need to learn, she is always ready to take on a new challenge. A true leader, Emilie leads each of her projects with brio.

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