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For Client Corporations

Contractor Management Software for the Global Market

Cognibox CMS is a modular, cloud-based Contractor Management System for efficiently managing contractor and supplier compliance. Easily customizable, our modular solution helps client corporations address their specific needs and challenges while ensuring compliance with multiple administrative and regulatory requirements.

For Client Corporations

Reduce risk and achieve real-time control over your business processes.

Key Benefits

By centralizing and simplifying all your employee compliance processes, Cognibox CMS helps client corporations efficiently and effectively manage workforce training and qualifications.

Reduce Risk

Optimize risk management by centrally managing contractor profiles in the areas of Health & Safety and environmental protection.

Safeguard Reputation

Protect your assets and maintain workplace safety by ensuring contractor reliability and work quality.

Streamline Operations

Focus on your core business as our experts oversee the entire compliance process, from pre-qualification to performance evaluation.

Increase Profitability

Reduce cost overruns and lost revenue resulting from delays or workplace accidents by effectively managing contractor compliance.

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How it works

Cognibox CMS follows industry best practices for managing all aspects of outsourcing throughout the contractor lifecycle. Our modular solution enables organizations to efficiently and cost-effectively manage contractor compliance from pre-selection all the way to performance evaluation.

Our Preselection Module allows you to identify top performing contractors based on criteria specific to your organization.

This module helps you reduce risk and streamline outsourcing by


Read about how Cognibox CMS helps client corporations reduce risk and manage contractor compliance in different industries.

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Cognibox CMS is the ideal solution for both client corporations and contractors.
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