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Discover how Alcumus Cognibox helped this canadian leader in the mining industry

A leading Canadian mining company turned to Cognibox contractor compliance management solutions to assist them with their goal of streamlining contractor management systems to improve overall contractor performance and increase overall efficiency.

Discover how the Cognibox outsourcing management solution allowed them to achieve their goals.

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The challenge

Reach a goal of 0 workplace accident while managing many contractors.

The issue

Set standards to validate contractors qualifications and ensure continuous training.

Solution and performance

Discover how Cognibox helped them by putting in place processes to reach their goals.

About Alcumus Cognibox

Contractor risks and compliance management leader, Alcumus Cognibox offers one of the most complete and flexible solutions on the market. Alcumus Cognibox helps the largest corporations manage the risks associated with outsourcing specific to their sector of activity. Alcumus Cognibox combines expertise, software, training and a complete outsourcing service, including administrative support to manage contractor compliance, diligently, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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