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The Cognibox Advantage Program is a turnkey service where our team takes care of every step of the qualification process for you, reducing your administrative burden and increasing your efficiency so you can focus on your business.

Join The Advantage Program

Here’s how we help


A dedicated team for faster prequalification​

Prequalification questionnaires reviewed and filled out by Cognibox qualification specialists.
Retrieval of crucial documents such as insurance certificates and proof of compliance directly from the source

Data gathering, analysis, and renewal

Comprehensive analysis of safety standards, with continual revision as new data is collected to maintain compliance.

Health and safety tools and resources

Access to guidance documents, tools and resources, including occupational health and safety programs and guides for risk analysis.

Why become an Advantage member?

Get qualified on time

It can take time for a supplier to complete a questionnaire and collect all the required documentation. As an Advantage member, your dedicated Qualification Specialist will work with you to help you complete your questionnaires and gather all required documents. A faster qualification allows you to start your projects faster.

Reduce time, resources, and effort that it takes to qualify

Offloading your qualification to our team allows you to spend less time and resources on prequalifying and instead focus on your core business. In addition, you will reduce the cost of compliance and contracts acquisition.

Maintain compliance to avoids loss of opportunity and business interruption

Delays and gaps on your compliance requests can lead to a loss of qualification among your hiring clients. Your Qualification Specialist will regularly monitor your compliance account and ensure you remain a preferred supplier ready to respond to tenders and other business opportunities.