Design and deliver exceptional online workforce training

Client corporations around the world effectively manage online training directly in Cognibox OTP, our online training platform. Offering 24/7 access and a training catalogue, we help reduce training costs and ensure that contractors arrive at job sites fully trained.

At Cognibox, we provide expert support together with our online training platform to help client corporations create and publish courses tailored to meet their specific training and compliance needs. In addition to providing online access to any required orientation training, Cognibox OTP also automatically updates employee profiles when courses are successfully completed.

Key Features

Managing online training directly in Cognibox OTP reduces training costs and promotes workplace safety.

24/7 availability

With Cognibox OTP, employees and contractors are able to complete client corporation training courses at any time before work is scheduled to begin.

Web-based application

Operating across all platforms with an Internet connection, Cognibox OTP eliminates traditional training constraints, including scheduling, employee availability, and classroom booking.

Employee Management

Cognibox OTP eliminates the need to print out proof of training because it automatically updates employee training files upon successful completion of online courses.

Content reliability

With Cognibox OTP, course content is always presented in the same way, ensuring that contractors master all the required concepts and procedures before reporting for work.

Custom Solutions

Cognibox offers comprehensive, personalized support for developing and setting up online training tailored to your specific needs and requirements by

Analyzing your needs and making recommendations based on best practices.

Adapting course content to ensure compliance with your training objectives.

Developing learning sequences and oversee the integration of content.

Hosting training sessions on Cognibox OTP or other web-based applications.