How the Cognibox Contractor Management System (CMS) assists hiring organizations in the energy & utilities industry in managing the compliance of their supply chain.

The energy and utilities industry is not immune to the rapid technological innovations of recent years. Companies in the sector continue to adopt different technologies in an attempt to meet the growing expectations of consumers. Not only do they improve the customer experience, they also offer major opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

Cognibox’s supply chain risk management software allows companies in the energy and utilities industry to focus on their company’s primary mission. A key benefit in this highly regulated industry where operating costs are increasing rapidly.

Our solution takes into account the complexity of your organizational context, current and future challenges, as well as the multiplicity and diversity of outsourcing-related administrative and regulatory requirements specific to your industry to enable you to maximize your operations.

Harmonization of processes

Rigorous and centralized process for qualifying your contractors and suppliers in terms of occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

Supply chain management

A tool to select contractors based on requirements specific to your company and individual worksites.


Automated control of worksite access. Only contractors and suppliers qualified according to your criteria and whose presence is required on a specific day to carry out work assigned are allowed onsite.

Due diligence

Directory containing your company’s policies, procedures, regulatory requirements and mandatory health and safety training attestations linked to the profiles of your contractors and suppliers.

Cognibox allows you to better manage risks associated to the compliance of your supply chain.

For over a decade, Cognibox has been helping the world’s most demanding organizations to carry out supply chain compliance management programs. Our experts understand the specificities of your industry and can assist you in implementing best practices in management. Much more than a technology-based solution, Cognibox will help you fully automate contractor risk and compliance management. From qualification and training management to the communication of job-specific requirements and performance evaluation, Cognibox provides a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

Energy and utilities industry challenges in contractor and supplier management that Cognibox can help you overcome

Highly regulated industry

Match your compliance requirements (provincial, standards, certifications, etc.) with your contractors’ profiles to identify only those who are qualified.

High risk environment

The tools and machines used require special handling and training. Cognibox helps you reduce the risk of accidents by better managing the compliance of your contractors.

Social responsibility and environmental risks

Present your environmental requirements and specifications to your contractors and suppliers to limit the risk of accidents and protect your reputation.

See how Cognibox enabled this North American leader to harmonize supplier compliance

About the client

This industry leader, which employs over 2500 employees, is an important supplier of iron ore concentrate to clients in locations the world over. Each day some 700 or more contractor employees work onsite at various corporate locations.

Nature of challenge

Geographical spread, site size and the imposing number of contractors employed to ensure the smooth flow of operations posed a particular challenge in terms of contractor management communications and harmonization processes.

How Cognibox helped

Implementation of the full Cognibox suite enabled this world leader to automate fully the contractor risk management process and facilities access.

Vice President, Operations

“By helping us automate our operating processes, Cognibox enabled us to enhance control over the incoming and outgoing movements of more than 700 contractors. As a result, we exercise greater control over outsourcing costs, while consistently ensuring that we have the right employee in the right place performing a task for which he or she is properly qualified.”

Indicators suggestive of client success

7 months

Implementation of the full Cognibox suite in less than 7 months


Gate access control of over 700 contractor employees per day


Total automation of the contractor risk management process

Mining Industry Case Study

Discover how Cognibox helped them reach a goal of 0 workplace accident while managing many contractors.

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