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How the Cognibox Contractor Management System (CMS) assists hiring organizations in the agrifood industry in managing contractor compliance

Consumers and government regulatory bodies bring considerable pressure to bear on the agrifood industry. Irrespective of the nature of the challenge — safety and sanitation standards, production processes, supply chain — risk control is vital. Our raison d’être at Cognibox is to alleviate the burden of administrative tasks respecting the health, safety and compliance of contractors and contractor employees commissioned to carry out work on client production sites (proof of insurance, commitment documents, training attestations and certificate expiry dates, certification requirements,etc.).

Each and every day, our experts assist discriminating clients in regions across the globe in minimizing risk levels by hiring qualified, safety conscious, properly trained contractors. Cognibox enables companies operating in the agrifood sector to enhance contractor and supplier compliance management.

Due diligence

Directory containing your company’s policies, procedures, regulatory requirements and mandatory health and safety training attestations linked to contractor and supplier profiles.

Centralized management

Easy-to-use classification system groups together useful, up-to-date information to facilitate the management of your contractors and their employees.

Harmonization of processes

Rigorous structuring of qualification processes across company ranks based on requirements specific to your organization.

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Decrease the risk of accidents with Cognibox

Cognibox enables large agrifood companies to select contractors poised to comply with their requirements respecting occupational health and safety, the environment, quality and sustainable development. By means of a qualification questionnaire drawn up based on criteria specific to your company, you ensure that contractors employed on your worksites boast proper occupational health and safety training and that they comply with the standards applying to your company.

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Agrifood industry contractor and supplier management challenges that Cognibox can help you overcome

Harmonize contractor compliance for all plants and worksites, including new or acquired facilities.

Restrictive regulatory environment

Match compliance requirements (provincial, standards, certifications, etc.) with contractor profiles to identify only qualified contractors.

Multiple site management

Take advantage of structural flexibility to manage multiple sites, plants and departments in several different languages.

Food safety and traceability

Select top performing industry contractors and suppliers in terms of occupational health and safety, the environment, sustainable development, quality and regulatory compliance.

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Current Cognibox users
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See for yourself how one client enhanced corporate processes using Cognibox CMS

About the client

A North American leader in the agrifood industry with some forty plants in Canada and the United States. The company seeks to rank among the top ten sectoral players in the world in the coming years.

Nature of challenge

Following a series of acquisitions, this company needed to harmonize process conformity across corporate ranks in matters of accident prevention, contractor management and regulatory compliance.

How Cognibox helped

Cognibox provided for the enhanced management and sharing of information between the company and business partners through the combination of a unique computer-based tool and administrative support required to operationalize this new means of managing risk associated with external business relations.

Vice President, Occupational Health and Safety

“Cognibox proved a catalyst for change within our organization by guiding us in harmonizing supplier risk management practices. This essential exercise enabled us to integrate a diversity of acquisitions into group ranks.”

Indicators suggestive of client success

of contractor’s qualification processes across Canada


of training files of all contractors’ employees in a single platform


time allowed for contractor's management

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Discover all the functionalities of Cognibox CMS

Cognibox is a turnkey solution which provides for the effective management of all aspects of outsourcing — including risk and compliance management —by fostering the adoption of best practices in matters relating to occupational health and safety, the environment, sustainable development, quality and regulatory requirements.
Cognibox promotes operational peace of mind by allowing for the implementation of a system consistent with standards specific to your company. Each implementation is backed by comprehensive administrative support which translates into sound returns on investment, reduced risks and decreased costs.

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