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For Contractors

Manage multiple qualification files on a single platform

Cognibox simplifies and streamlines the qualification and compliance process. Our online SaaS solution and experienced administrative support help contractors and suppliers secure contracts with leading client corporations around the world.

We also offer a user-friendly exchange platform and the necessary administrative support to enhance visibility and promote business development in member-specific areas of specialization.

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For Contractors

Increase visibility and secure contracts with leading client corporations.

The Qualification Process

The Cognibox community has over 200 000 contractors from all sectors of activity. Become a member and start effectively managing compliance and optimizing Health & Safety management.

Register your company

When you receive an e-mail request from a client corporation to join Cognibox, you must first accept the invitation by clicking on the link included in the e-mail. Then, complete your company's profile, create a Cognibox account, and register with Cognibox to begin working for this client.

Qualify your company

Complete your qualification file by answering the client corporation's questionnaire and submitting all required documentation. The Qualification Module in the Cognibox CMS allows you to perform the qualification process online and on a single platform. It also displays the evolution of your qualification process in real time.

Manage Employees

As a member of Cognibox, you can use our Employee Management Module to match employee profiles with client corporation requirements. This training management tool ensures that employee Health & Safety training meets the requirements of potential client corporations by centralizing and archiving all employee training records.

Learn Online

Membership also gives you access 24/7 on computer, tablet, and smartphone to Cognibox OTP, our online training platform. This platform helps you reduce training costs, save time, and arrive fully trained at client corporation facilities by providing the required orientation training.

Key Features

Our modular Cognibox CMS solution helps you secure contracts and meet the specific needs of client corporations.

With the Preselection Module, Cognibox helps increase your visibility with client corporations by


The Benefits of Membership

Grow your business

Connect directly with all client corporations in the Cognibox community.

Increase safety

Reduce accidents in the workplace through closer monitoring of worker training.

Ensure compliance

Enjoy access to qualification criteria specific to each client corporation.

Improve performance

Save time and money by managing compliance files simply and efficiently using the Cognibox document management system.

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Frédérick Soucy

President Soucy Industriel

“Cognibox tripled our volume of business by providing us with privileged access to client corporations in regions across the country. Our annual subscription paid for itself in just one day.”

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Volume of business tripled over 5 years
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Qualified to work for over 7 client corporations
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Hired one hundred new employees over 5 years

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