Harmonize supplier compliance following a series of acquisitions

Read the Case Study of a North American Leader in the Agrifood Industry!

Discover how Cognibox helped this North American leader in the agrifood industry

A North American leader in the agrifood industry chose the Cognibox solution to harmonize plant compliance following a series of acquisitions. Discover how the Cognibox outsourcing management solution allowed them to achieve their goals.

The challenge

Centralize risk management after many acquisitions.

The issue

Harmonise different systems coming from acquisitions in one international policy.

Solution and performance

Discover how Cognibox helped them by putting in place processes to reach their goals.

About Cognibox

Contractor risks and compliance management leader, Cognibox offers one of the most complete and flexible solutions on the market. Cognibox helps the largest corporations manage the risks associated with outsourcing specific to their sector of activity. Cognibox combines expertise, software, training and a complete outsourcing service, including administrative support to manage contractor compliance, diligently, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Meet our agrifood industry expert​

Emilie Filion (MBA, PMP) holds the position of Implementation & Major Accounts Manager at Cognibox. In this capacity, she oversees the activities related to the implementation of Cognibox and leads commercial activities in Ontario. Ms. Filion has great expertise in contractor management best practises which is of great use in helping multinational companies achieve higher health and safety standards and reduce costs.

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