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E-Learning Catalogue Registration

Create your Cognibox E-Learning account as an employee or a business.


I'm an employee

I want to follow online training and get my competency certificates.

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I'm a business

I'm a business

I want to train my employees and access a free online training management system.

Manage the training profile of all your employees in one place free of charge.

Manage the training profile of all your employees in one place free of charge.

Buy E-Learning training from our catalogue certified by hiring organizations.

Assign training directly to your employees.

Monitor and manage your employees' training files.

Benefits of using Cognibox's
E-Learning training

24/7 availability

With Cognibox OTP, employees and contractors are able to complete client corporation training courses at any time before work is scheduled to begin.

Web-based application

Operating across all platforms with an Internet connection, Cognibox OTP eliminates traditional training constraints, including scheduling, employee availability, and classroom booking.

Employee Management

Cognibox OTP eliminates the need to print out proof of training because it automatically updates employee training files upon successful completion of online courses.

Content reliability

With Cognibox OTP, course content is always presented in the same way, ensuring that contractors master all the required concepts and procedures before reporting for work.

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