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Resolute Forest Products is committed to implementing a sustainable and responsible regional procurement initiative that will lead to the creation of a strong supply chain as well as contribute to the economic and social development of the communities in which the company operates.

By developing a regional supply chain, Resolute's objective is to obtain value-added goods and services, taking into account quality, price, support and service, while encouraging the growth and development of regionally based companies in the procurement of such goods and services.

We are promoting the development of regional procurement by improving the visibility of regional businesses through this supplier registration portal. Once they register, suppliers will be invited to complete a qualification questionnaire, at no cost, regarding their field of activity or expertise.

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About Resolute Forest Products


Resolute Forest Products is a leading producer of a diverse range of wood, pulp, tissue and paper products, which are marketed in 60 countries. The company operates some 40 facilities, as well as power generation assets, in the United States and Canada and has third-party certified 100% of its managed woodlands to internationally recognized sustainable forest management standards. Resolute has received regional, North American and global recognition for its leadership in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, as well as for its business practices. Headquartered in Montreal (Quebec), the company is part of the Paper Excellence Group. To learn more, visit www.resolutefp.com.

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