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Management of training and skills

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Why Cognibox LMS?
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Manage employee compliance with requisite training, skills, work procedures and professional qualifications

Cognibox Learning Management Software (LMS) was developed by and for corporate training experts. Our solution derives from a combination of 40 years of expertise, training consulting services and a seasoned team in IT. Cognibox is one of the most advanced solutions for managing training, skills, work procedures and professional qualifications.

Cognibox LMS is the ultimate tool for monitoring employee, team and department compliance based on company or client requirements.

Substantiate employee compliance

Present eloquent, convincing indicators to guarantee training audit success

Diagnose training needs clearly

Produce exhaustive reports detailing gaps between skills acquired and required

Manage training costs

Monitor direct, indirect, absenteeism and over-training costs

Organize classroom or e-learning training activities

Manage training calendars and centralize activity-related supporting documents

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Cognibox LMS functionalities
Discover the exceptional functionalities of Cognibox LMS

Cognibox LMS is a software-as-a-solution application requiring only Web browser capability. Cognibox LMS meets the most exacting criteria in terms of data protection and security. Secure interface connections (standard https) rigorously protect your data. Implementation is coordinated by our corporate training experts and supported by our team of seasoned IT professionals. In addition, client accounts are set up based on the organizational structure specific to each.

Management of employee files

Each employee in the organization has his or her own overview page detailing all relevant information such as employee number, date of hiring, photograph, e-mail address, etc. The system makes allowance for active/inactive status in an effort to facilitate the management of seasonal workers, students, parental leave or other. Data includes a history of job positions occupied and secondary responsibilities. Each employee job history details training completed, skills acquired, work procedures mastered, as well as vested professional qualifications.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Comprehensive file of skills acquired and required for each employee at one’s fingertips
  • Centralization of each employee’s training documents (attestations, examinations, etc.)
  • Automatic link to your HR system to provide for data exchange

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Management of multiple requirements of different job positions.jpg
Management of multiple requirements of different job positions

Requirements by job position or job profile form the backbone of Cognibox LMS. Only clear, coherent descriptions of requirements will enable your organization to target and prioritize needs, and then plan training activities for the upcoming month or year. If need be, the training professionals at Cognibox are poised to assist you as required in defining job profiles.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Training required for each job position, as well as percentage compliance to be targeted
  • Work procedures necessary for each job position, with version control

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Management of your training catalogue

The myriad training catalogue management functionalities provide for both restricted catalogue control and the management of consequential training databases typical of organizations with lengthy operating histories. Intended for both e-learning and classroom training, this module provides for the control of parameters such as temporal validity, training duration, average cost, optimal number of participants, as well as refresher course management.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Information pertaining to companies and facilitators for each training session
  • Limitless centralization of internal training materials
  • Unique equivalence functionality essential for the pragmatic management of acquired training

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Control of work procedures.jpg
Control of work procedures

In working environments with respect to which large numbers of work procedures (good manufacturing practices (GMPs)) apply, it is often difficult to ascertain who received which version of procedural training and when. Cognibox LMS makes it possible to manage procedures through specific functionalities such as version control which enables you to schedule refresher training for all employees concerned whenever changes are made to work procedures. Guarantee regulatory compliance with Cognibox LMS.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Ease of responding to audits by regulatory authorities
  • Link from Cognibox LMS to your procedural directory
  • History of procedural versions and distribution to employees

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Skills management.jpg
Skills management

Skills management in Cognibox LMS is as thorough as it is easy to use. The system can manage an unlimited skills inventory and provides managers with the flexibility of establishing the required level of mastery of a skill for a given job position. Inversely, skills can be recognized for employees based on the required level of mastery. Reports generated substantiate any gap between these two parameters.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Simple, down-to-earth management of skills profiles
  • Identification of individuals responsible and methods of evaluating each skill
  • Recording of evaluation criteria to guarantee uniformity

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Management of professional qualifications.jpg
Management of professional qualifications

Ever increasing numbers of organizations monitor requisite professional qualifications closely for each job position. Whether it is a matter of a qualification required prior to hiring, diploma, degree, permit or trade certification, Cognibox LMS provides the necessary functionalities for monitoring each.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Classification of different types of professional qualifications
  • Centralization of proof of qualification in employee files
  • Reports generated detail qualification gaps

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Distribution and management of online training sessions.jpg
Distribution and management of online training sessions

Cognibox LMS supports the daily management of both classroom and e-learning training activities. The intuitive software interface makes it possible to generate virtual classes and invite employees via e-mail to enrol in requisite training. Cognibox LMS meets the SCORM standard for content format and therefore supports levels of interactivity ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Compliance with the internationally recognized SCORM standard for e-learning content
  • Supervisor approval process for enrolling employees
  • Content creation expertise available

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Dashboard overview.jpg
Dashboard overview

User-friendly dashboard provides for the daily follow-up of performance indicators relating to team training and compliance. The dashboard is customizable based on individual user preferences and screens statistics based on the hierarchical level of users.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Statistics, both aggregate and detailed
  • Arrangement of data customizable per user
  • Screening of viewable data by location, division, department, etc.

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Smart training activity calendar.jpg
Smart training activity calendar

Calendar display mode groups together all traditional or e-learning activities and procedures to provide you with an overview of activities planned in the upcoming days and weeks. Use the calendar to specify activity session times and manage activities spread out over a number of days.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Visually appealing, user-friendly interface
  • Quick overview of space availability to optimize group formation
  • Display in user choice of day/week/month

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Advanced reporting capability.jpg
Advanced reporting capability

A facet which undoubtedly distinguishes Cognibox LMS from the competition is the vast selection of reports available: individual, department, aggregate. Reports indeed cover levels of compliance with requisite training, refresher training on work procedures, etc. Many are accessible in just one click, whereas others can be custom-built by users and saved for future reuse. All available in PDF or Excel as required.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Save customized reports for future use
  • System access reports for your organization
  • Matrix reports, exhaustive and exportable into Excel

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Management of training costs and related reports.jpg
Management of training costs and related reports

Training cost management is an essential activity for any organization. Cognibox LMS allows you to manage and detail all costs relating to the scheduling of training activities, and even attach all supporting documents. Upon request, the system can also display encrypted hourly wages and generate complete reports including costs relating to employees trained.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Report detailing absenteeism costs
  • Reports detailing costs per training firm or facilitator
  • Management of e-learning costs based on average session duration

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Advanced annual planning tool available.jpg
Advanced annual planning tool available

Deliverable as an option with supplemental training, the Cognibox LMS planning module enables you to plan as never before. Basing yourself on measured needs, organizational priorities and budget availability, plan long term training for your organization as a whole or department in particular. In addition, daily indicators follow up on initial planning. This unrivalled market tool was developed by and for field managers.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Management indicators such as ratio of hours trained to hours worked
  • Planning by target percentage compliance
  • Deployment of planning to monthly calendars

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Better manage your workforce training with Cognibox LMS

Cognibox LMS is for any company wishing to efficiently manage staff training and skills. It is a unique solution created by company training experts who will advise and guide you throughout the implementation process.

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