How the Cognibox Contractor Management System (CMS) assists hiring organizations in the forest products industry in managing contractor compliance

Consumers and government regulatory bodies bring considerable pressure to bear on the forest products industry. Irrespective of the nature of the challenge — safety and sanitation standards, production processes, supply chain — risk control is vital. Our raison d’être at Cognibox is to alleviate the burden of administrative tasks respecting the health, safety and compliance of contractors and contractor employees commissioned to carry out work on client production sites (proof of insurance, commitment documents, training attestations and certificate expiry dates, certification requirements,etc.).

Cognibox is an effective contractor risk management solution tailored to the needs of the forest products industry. Cognibox makes allowance for your company’s organizational complexity, challenges current and future, as well as the multiplicity and diversity of outsourcing-related administrative and regulatory requirements.

Harmonization of processes

Rigorous structuring of qualification processes across company ranks based on requirements specific to your organization.

Reduced number of accidents

Cognibox provides for the upstream management of risks associated with the outsourcing of work to external contractors while recognizing the specific skills sets of each.

Decreased costs

User-friendly structure provides an overview of operations with a view to reducing contractor-related administrative and non-compliance costs.

Enhanced communications

Platform fosters communication and feedback to build lasting relationships with your business partners.

Decrease the risk of accidents with Cognibox

Cognibox enables large forest product companies to select contractors poised to comply with their requirements respecting occupational health and safety, the environment, quality and sustainable development. By means of a qualification questionnaire drawn up based on criteria specific to your company, you ensure that contractors employed on your worksites boast proper occupational health and safety training and that they comply with the standards applying to your company.

Forest products industry contractor and supplier management challenges that Cognibox can help you overcome

High risk environment

Tools and machinery used are imposing and require special handling techniques. Cognibox helps you reduce the risk of accidents by providing for the enhanced management of operator compliance.

Industry consolidation

Ensure harmonized contractor compliance and safe operating conditions in all locations at all times.

Extensive outsourcing

The principle of due diligence applies in equal measure to all contractors. It is therefore important to choose contractors poised to comply with your requirements in matters of occupational health and safety.

Social responsibility and environmental risks

Apprise contractors of your requirements and environmental requisites. Seize the opportunity to maximize local community benefits.

Current Cognibox CMS users

See how this forest products industry leader succeeded in harmonizing supplier compliance

About the client

This leading player in the wood processing and pulp and paper sector operates plants in locations across Canada and the United States.

Nature of challenge

The company lacked clear corporate guidelines as well as a centralized structure for managing outsourcing-related risks. Given the scattered nature of supplier-specific information, the company found it increasingly difficult to apply the same standards to all stakeholders in all locations.

How Cognibox helped

In less than a year, over 2500 contractors, including hundreds of transport companies and general contractors, were qualified based on company-specific criteria, thereby simultaneously reducing outsourcing-related risks.

Senior Manager, Health and Safety

“We are not in the occupational health and safety business. However, for reasons of corporate sustainability, we have elected to manage health and safety based on the highest applicable standards by involving employees and contractors. Cognibox makes it possible for us to enhance overall efficiency and achieve monumental gains in risk management.”

Indicators suggestive of client success


Qualification of over 2500 contractors in less than a year


Reduction in penalties following an accident involving a contractor


Validation of thousands of insurance contracts each year

Case Study : Forest Product Industry

Discover how Cognibox helped this world leader reach its goal to harmonize different sources of data into one tool.

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