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Cognibox CCMS

A Comprehensive, Professional Service

With Cognibox, you not only get software, but also an IT and Health & Safety partner.

Whether your goal is to standardize health and safety processes, coordinate change management, or implement a new software system while offering direct support to your contractors throughout their qualification process, our team accompanies you at every level. We offer a complete professional service that covers all aspects of your outsourcing, while also advising you on best practices in health and safety.

Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, we base our recommendations on your unique situation so you can optimize your risk management and compliance.

Reliable Expertise in Risk Management and Compliance

Our founders’ solid health and safety expertise distinguishes Cognibox from our competition. We are, first and foremost, a service company specializing in health and safety training. Based on our vast experience, as well as feedback from our customers’ and their needs, we have created software which allows our clients to manage contractor qualifications.

Trust the Cognibox team experts to advise you on the best risk management and contractor compliance standards!

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Flexibility. Quality. Experience.

The Cognibox team’s expertise is based on a solid knowledge of health and safety practices and standards. Cognibox’s service combines their expertise, with software, training and a complete outsourcing service, including administrative support.

  • Pioneers in occupational health and safety, business training and in the management of skills and compliance
  • Creator of one of the most comprehensive contractor and risk management solutions on the market
  • Turnkey service that enables effective risk management based on industry best practices
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