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About Cognibox

Health and safety remains a major challenge for every business. Our clients, big or small organizations, aim for the highest standards. That's why they rely on SIM Cognibox's expertise, that is more than 100 professionals, for more than 40 years now.

Cognibox is a world leader in supplier qualification management and contractor management. Our advanced online contractor qualification and management system (SaaS) encompasses all the functions necessary for the implementation and management of a thorough and objective qualification process. From search and selection of potential suppliers/subcontractors, to pre-qualification, evaluation, verification, monitoring and follow-up, Cognibox enables managers to access, at any time and in an environment that meets the highest security standards, the most current data on suppliers and subcontractors.

Cognibox helps you to reduce risks and improve your performance in health and safety, the environment and sustainable development.

Our Mission

We accompany businesses and their contractors and contribute to minimizing the risks associated with their operations. We offer state-of-the-art technology solutions and high-level service to facilitate collaboration, ensure compliance with a corporation’s requirements and optimize business processes.  

Innovative and efficient, advocates of simple, effective solutions, we partners with our customers in their evolution. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to the creation of safer communities, and we endeavor to save lives.

Our Values

"Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further." At Cognibox, we rely on the power of teamwork, on the strengths of each individual, and the complementary nature of teams to create great things.


To create a positive work environment, we encourage interactive leadership, where respect, listening and collaboration are at the heart of each exchange.


The glass is never half empty. It is always half full. We see challenges as opportunities and always give 100%.


Think 'outside the box' to generate innovative ideas and maintain our position as a dominant player in our industry. We go beyond the limits, striving to always do better and always go further.

Touch of madness

Our touch of madness does not just involve joking and being ridiculous (no matter how good we are at it).  It is the authenticity, the open-mindedness and the desire of our workforce which allows each individual to excel both personally and professionally.

Discover our culture
The Management Team
Chantal Trépanier


With her background in education, no one expected her to become an entrepreneur. After graduating with her diploma in training management, she began her career as a teacher before joining SIM. Her avant-garde ideas propelled SIM to international success with the creation of Cognibox, a "SaaS" software suite used by some of the world’s largest corporations to manage subcontractor compliance. A visionary businesswoman, determined and passionate, Chantal’s leadership and creativity stand out in a culture where technical progress poses considerable challenge for corporate partnerships. Always open to new product opportunities and customer-oriented, she prioritizes innovation and development in her business. Winner of Investissement Québec’s CEO of the Year Award in 2015, she is also involved in Women in Governance, an organization that supports the presence of women in business and the entrepreneurial milieu. In addition to being strongly involved in entrepreneurship through the Digihub mentoring cell, a major start-up incubator, Chantal sits on various boards, including the CRIQ (the Quebec Industrial Research Center).
Denis Trépanier

Operations & Evolution VP

An effective manager, a respected leader and prolific thinker, Denis is responsible for strategic planning and the evolution of the Cognibox solution. He channels the business needs of the market and transforms them into a concrete vision focused on product growth. He oversees the prioritization of IT development projects, provides various tools to facilitate product marketing and coordinates operational needs of the in-house team. At Cognibox for nearly 20 years, Denis has a very good understanding of the issues related to subcontracting management and advises clients on best practices in the industry. His rich experience in project management along with his powerful analytical skills, make him an ideal leader for the Cognibox solution. In addition to his duties at Cognibox, Denis holds positions in various Boards of Directors as well as with the Parc national de la Mauricie.

Martin Lapointe

HS Training & E-learning VP

With a strong background in corporate health and safety training, as well as in continuous improvement and the implementation of quality management systems, Martin is an integral part of all aspects of e-learning creation and development at Cognibox. Whether it is for orientation courses or courses focused on a specific topic in health and safety, Martin's expertise, creativity and critical thinking enable Cognibox to offer high-caliber training tailored to each customer’s unique context. He strongly believes in the contribution of technology in the field of training and consults with clients on best teaching practices. A member of the Cognibox team for nearly 20 years, Martin has accompanied numerous companies in the standardization of  their health and safety training, as well as in the implementation of ISO 9001, 14 001 and OHSAS standards.
Luc St-Louis, ing.

Business & Customer Service VP

Rigorous, structured and professional, Luc specializes in projects related to industrial engineering, continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and others. With Cognibox for over 10 years, he develops and provides the customer service team with the necessary tools to respond to client needs and to ensure that services offered meet expectations. A graduate engineer from École Polytechnique of the Université de Montréal, Luc has been active in manufacturing and service companies for over 30 years. He has owned a factory and has served as Operations Manager, Plant Manager and Project Manager. He teaches and makes direct interventions in the areas of production planning and inventory, just-in-time production, process reengineering and performance measurement systems, managing production operations and problem solving. He has trained and sponsored over 200 supervisors and company directors, as well as managing several process-optimization projects within the framework of continuous improvement.
Martin Parent

R&D Director

Leader of the Development team and responsible for the implementation of the Agile method at Cognibox, Martin is also a consultant for special IT projects for our clients. With more than 25 years of experience in IT, and having played each of the roles of his team members, his accomplishments have allowed him to accumulate a solid expertise in the development of software solutions and in the direction of IT projects. Martin holds a global vision of the specifics of the IT field, which allows him to align all technological options, as well as the efforts of the team. Curious and recognized for his rigor and creativity, Martin is always on the lookout for new working methods, ideas to evolve IT infrastructure and new creation tools. Knowing the best IT practices, he ensures that Cognibox is a technological reference. Prior to joining the team in 2011, Martin worked as a consultant, during which time he was responsible for important projects for Cavalia and Kongsberg Automobile, among others.
Marie-Eve Levasseur

E-Learning Director

Passionate and results-oriented, Marie-Eve thrives on challenges. Her priority focus: client satisfaction. To deliver optimal solutions and surpass client expectations, she draws on the complementary skills and input of each of the members of her team. Marie-Eve began her career in the hospitality industry and boasts sound logistics and project management experience. She is particularly skilled at transposing finer details onto a broader operating canvas. Her insatiable drive to learn and excel has enabled her to move up quickly in company ranks. She now manages all aspects of online training program design for our e-learning component. Marie-Eve exemplifies our company’s core values: unity of purpose, consideration, passion, creativity and a touch of madness indeed combine to shape her every action.
Kevin Hall

Client Experience Director

As an IT Executive with more than 30 years’ experience, Kevin is successful in leveraging people, process, and technology to realize business strategy.  With excellent analytical and leadership skills, he has a track record of delivering practical solutions that meet business needs. For more than 8 years, Kevin served as the global Chief Information Officer at Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners, one of the largest pure-play renewable energy companies globally.  Prior to Brookfield, Kevin spent 15 years in various technology leadership roles at MD Management, a subsidiary of CMA Holdings with $25 billion in assets under management. Kevin has lead major transformation programs involving process reengineering, information technology, and organizational change. His commitment is to continuously add value through a result-oriented strategy. As a believer in constant improvement, Kevin also subscribes to the adage that you can’t manage what you can’t measure, and that results must be supported by appropriate metrics.
Emilie Filion, MBA
Emilie Fillion, MBA, PMP

Major Account Manager

To align strategy, people and processes; deliver projects and results; build for success, solidly and sustainably: this is her purpose. With Cognibox for nearly 10 years, Emilie specializes in the management of large-scale projects, as well as market development. Sincere, results-oriented and highly ethical, Emilie’s expertise has her guiding multinational companies as they evolve their business practices to reduce workplace accidents and to achieve the highest standards of health and safety. Recognized for her insatiable need for learning, for stepping out of her comfort zone and for rising to every challenge, Emilie is a leader who brilliantly manages each of her projects.
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