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About Cognibox

Cognibox is a world leader in supplier qualification management and contractor management. Our advanced online contractor qualification and management system (SaaS) encompasses all the functions necessary for the implementation and management of a thorough and objective qualification process. From search and selection of potential suppliers/subcontractors, to pre-qualification, evaluation, verification, monitoring and follow-up, Cognibox enables managers to access, at any time and in an environment that meets the highest security standards, the most current data on suppliers and subcontractors.

Cognibox helps you to reduce risks and improve your performance in health and safety, the environment and sustainable development.


Our Mission

We accompany businesses and their contractors and contribute to minimizing the risks associated with their operations. We offer state-of-the-art technology solutions and high-level service to facilitate collaboration, ensure compliance with a corporation’s requirements and optimize business processes.  

Innovative and efficient, advocates of simple, effective solutions, we partners with our customers in their evolution. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to the creation of safer communities, and we endeavor to save lives.

Our Values

"Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further." At Cognibox, we rely on the power of teamwork, on the strengths of each individual, and the complementary nature of teams to create great things.


To create a positive work environment, we encourage interactive leadership, where respect, listening and collaboration are at the heart of each exchange.


The glass is never half empty. It is always half full. We see challenges as opportunities and always give 100%.


Think 'outside the box' to generate innovative ideas and maintain our position as a dominant player in our industry. We go beyond the limits, striving to always do better and always go further.

Touch of madness

Our touch of madness does not just involve joking and being ridiculous (no matter how good we are at it).  It is the authenticity, the open-mindedness and the desire of our workforce which allows each individual to excel both personally and professionally.

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